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“The silver-haired head is a crown of glory, if it is found in the way of righteousness.”

Proverbs. 16:31

We love our senior citizens!  We have a weekly Bible Study held each Tuesday @ 10:00 AM and we would love for you to come and study the Word of God and see how it applies to life.  

We also plan a monthly day trip where we go and explore new places, shop, eat, and most of all, enjoy one anothers company.  

Life Begins at 80

I have good news for you.  The first 80 years are the hardest.  The second 80 are a succession of birthday parties.

Once you reach 80, everyone wants to carry your baggage and help you up the steps.  If you forget your name, or anybody else’s name, or an appointment, your phone number, how many grandchildren you have, you need only explain that you are 80.

Being 80 is a lot better than being 70.  At 70, people are mad at you for everything.  At 80, you have an excuse for everything no matter what you do.  If you act foolishly, it’s your second childhood.  Being 70 is no fun at all.  At that age, they expect you to retire move to Florida, complain about your arthritis, and ask everybody to stop mumbling because you can’t understand them.

If you survive until you are 80, everybody is surprised that you are still alive.  They treat you with respect just for having lived so long.  Actually, they seem surprised that you can still walk and talk sensibly.  So please folks, try to make it to 80. It’s the best time of your life.  People forgive you for anything.  So if you ask me, life begins at 80.

(Written by Jimmie Robinson, Hogansville, GA)

Road Trip? Let's GO!